Design and visual communication, cinematography, new media and electronic engineering -- this is a field of my current interests in bare outlines. It is something that relates to applied aspects. In fact, as is often the case with people immersed in a variety of creative practices, this set went beyond purely professional interests long time ago and now crosses the multitude of (at first glance) non related subjects, where is probably most massive is a natural sciences, firstly including quantum mechanics and cosmology, mathematics, biology, anthropology and beyond in the humanities: semiotics, cognitive science and aesthetics. In one form or another, you would find the fruits of my studies on websites of my projects, which I carefully maintain and update from time to time.

---------------------------------- -- open interdisciplinary laboratory that focuses on the development of software, hardware and aesthetic solutions for interactive interiors and spaces. -- tiny Creative Commons label, under the guise of which we (me and my friend Anton Shiriaev) make experimental films time by time. -- my main little business, which feeds me for more than 15 years. -- interactive GPS audiobook "Prague Electronic Tour Guide". I created a device for exploring the cities, which is designed for people who like to walk alone or with someone together without guides and bypassing the standard tourist routes.

permanent entropy resistance -- my personal weblog